Professional Liability

At Canter Law Firm P.C. , we understand the tremendous impact of a professional liability claim on the reputation, family and livelihood of professionals. We provides comprehensive, aggressive, yet cost-effective legal defense services to such professionals and their insurers.  The areas of professional liability defense include attorneys,  accountants,  architects, engineers, home inspectors, insurance agents and brokers.  

Canter Law Firm P.C. endeavors to become intimately familiar with the business operations and internal practice and procedures at the outset of every claim for professional malpractice.   Our attorneys take a very proactive approach in handling every case, regardless of whether it is on behalf of a plaintiff or a defendant.   We have been called upon to assess the  exposure of various business and professional operations and have taken steps to implement practices and procedures to minimize if not eliminate the likelihood of a claim. 

An example of taking preemptive measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of being sued,  we prepared a Pre-Inspection contract for home inspectors.  The contract, among other things,  limited the liability of  home inspectors to the cost of the inspection.   The contracts were upheld by the Appellate Courts and have become enforceable in New York State as a matter of law.   Plaintiffs have attempted to circumvent the enforceability of the exculpatory clause in the Pre-inspection contracts by alleging "gross negligence." However, we were successful in securing a reversal at the Appellate Division (2nd Dept.) where the lower court denied our motion for Summary judgment.   The Appellate Court's decision was a benchmark ruling which helped home inspectors throughout New York State.  See Goldstein v. Carnell Associates, Inc., 74 A.D.3d 745 (2nd Dept. 2010).