Complex Commercial Litigation

Canter Law Firm P.C. provides dynamic, responsive and cost effective representation to business entities of all types and sizes where disputes require litigation or sensitive negotiation. Complex commercial litigation handled by our firm in federal and state courts involve high stakes disputes among multiple parties, characterized by issues involving complex calculations and large quantities of data, advanced courtroom presentation techniques, expert witnesses in highly technical or otherwise complex subjects.

Classic examples include:

  • Intellectual property infringements, patents, trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights;

  • Antitrust violations, restraints of trade, conspiracies to fix prices or divide markets, and predatory pricing;

  • Fraud and deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, tortious interference

Specific complex commercial cases handled by Canter Law Firm P.C. include:

  • Ascendant Technologies LLC v. Netfabric Technologies, Inc., Superior Court - New Jersey. Contract and Accounting action;

  • BanxCorp v. Capital One Financial Corporation and Costco Wholesale Corporation, USDC (SDNY). Copyright infringement action.

  • BanxCorp v. Lending Tree LLC et al., USDC, District of New Jersey. Antitrust action.

  • First Care Medical Clinic, Inc. v. Polymedco, Inc., USDC (WDNC). Contract action involving a Supply and Distribution Agreement

  • Godotsoft LLC v. PT 1 Communications, Inc.; U.S. Bankruptcy Court, EDNY. Contract action involving a software license agreement;

  • Hexion Chemical Specialty Corp. v. Growth Products, Inc.; N.Y. Supreme Court - Bronx County, Contract action

  • Polymedco, Inc. v. Mentor Corp. and Coloplast Corp.; USDC - District of Minnesota. Contract Action and allegations of misappropriation of Trade Secrets